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SQL Manager for MySQL

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I bought your SQL Manager for PostgreSQL product; I've gotta tell you it is superb! Without this tool, I don't think I could have used the PostgreSQL database. Upon reviewing your other products, I see that your SQL Manager for MySQL looks great! I love what I see in the screenshots. I'm really looking forward to seeing you create a wider product line. I'd gladly purchase your next version in order to help you continue to create such an awesome product. You've done wonders for the open source database communities at large and I would be a crippled developer without this fine tool. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
D. Dante Lorenso

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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL version 5.4 released
The possibility to backup database with mysqldump appeared, some other new features and improvements…
EMS SQL Manager for MySQL version 5.3 released
Added the possibility to update and edit procedures with limited rights, and other improvements and bug-fixes...
EMS SQL Manager for MySQL version 5.2 released
Added the authorization type at MySql server, the support of index properties, and much more…
EMS SQL Manager for MySQL version 5.1 released
Added the possibility to clear the history of the input parameters, and other improvements and bug-fixes…
EMS SQL Manager for MySQL version 5.0 released
Database Comparer tool and Database Registration Manager added, possibility to connect to databases using SSL certificates, support of MySQL invalid dates, and much more…
SQL Manager for MySQL version 4.6 released
New features added: the possibility to view geometry fields in the BLOB Editor, to grant CREATE TRIGGER and DROP TRIGGER rights, and much more…

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL


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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL is a high performance tool for MySQL database administration and development. It works with any MySQL versions from 4.1 to the newest one and supports all of the latest features including MySQL triggers, views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys, Unicode data and so on. SQL Manager for MySQL allows you to create/edit all MySQL database objects, design MySQL databases visually, run SQL scripts, import and export MySQL database data, manage MySQL users and their privileges and has many other useful features for efficient MySQL administration. SQL Manager for MySQL has a state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it.

Key Features

  • Support of MySQL versions from 4.1 to 5.7, MariaDB from 5.1 and higher
  • Support of UTF8 data
  • Rapid database management and navigation
  • Simple management of all MySQL objects
  • Advanced data manipulation tools
  • Powerful security management
  • Excellent visual and text tools for query building
  • Impressive data export and import capabilities
  • Report designer with clear in use report construction wizard
  • Powerful Visual Database Designer
  • Easy-to-use wizards performing MySQL services
  • Connection to MySQL Server through HTTP
  • Connection to MySQL Server through SSH

In-purchase benefits

  • FREE One Year of Maintenance already included!
  • FREE software updates and upgrades during Maintenance period!
  • FREE and unlimited Technical Support during Maintenance period!
  • Reasonable pricing for Maintenance renewal – from 20% per Year!
  • Volume discounts when buying two or more copies of one product
  • Cross-selling discounts on related products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Product Screenshots


Powerful and easy-to-use graphical user interface
Office 11 and Windows XP visual schemes support

Available Versions

SQL Manager for MySQL
EMS SQL Manager for MySQL is a powerful graphical tool for MySQL Server administration and development. Its easy-to-use graphical interface and a lot of features will make your work with the MySQL as easy as it can be!

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL Freeware
EMS SQL Manager for MySQL Freeware (EMS SQL Manager Lite for MySQL) is an excellent freeware graphical tool for MySQL database administration. It has the minimal required set of tools for those users who are new to MySQL server and need only its basic functionality. Being a light edition, SQL Manager Freeware has certain restrictions: it can handle not more than 5 databases, the maximum size of one database should not exceed 100 MB, and some others.

Available Interface Languages


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