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Data Import for MySQL

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EMS Data Import for MySQL

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Data Import for MySQL 3.6

July 03, 2012



What's new in EMS Data Import?


  • Now the imported field value can be replaced with the following values: current date, current time, current date and time, the full name of the imported file, the short name of the imported file.
  • Now each imported field value can be processed using MS JavaScript statements.
  • Now the console versions of Data Import use a localization selected in the GUI-version.
  • Now when importing to a new table, the length of string fields is calculated.
  • Added the "Import Empty Rows" option. If this option is not selected, empty rows are not imported.
  • Added the "Auto Trim Values" option. It allows to trim leading and trailing whitespace from the imported values.
  • The data from HTML files could not be imported. Fixed now.
  • Other improvements and bugfixes.



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