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Installation FAQs

Table of contents

I have received an error message when installing an EMS product. How can I install the program completely?
If you have downloaded a product from our website, please make sure that you have downloaded the file completely. You can check if the download was complete by comparing the downloaded file size with the correct file size described on the download Web page. If the file sizes are the same, make sure that you have downloaded the proper version of the software that must meet your OS requirements. Also, check if your computer meets the product requirements described on the product Web page. If you are still experiencing problems with product installation, please, report to our Support Service.
I’ve installed your product, but on trying to open it the “dynamic library libXXX.dll not found” message appears.
Please, make sure that this dynamic library file exists in the product directory. Possibly you’ve downloaded the ‘executable-file only’ version being new to the product. This version is suitable only for users who have already downloaded and installed the ‘full installation package’ and who need to update the product. For the first time installation of our products you should use only ‘full installation package’ versions.
I have downloaded your "qbuilderev.zip" to try Query builder,  installed  it as package, but got an error with all Demos: "Fatal Error: Unit QBWindow was compiled with different version of…"
Please try to do the following:
  • Uninstall Query builder.
  • Delete any copies of the QBuilderDT_*.bpl and QBuilderRT_*.bpl files from your computer.
  • Install Query builder again.