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SQL Query for IB/FB

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EMS SQL Query for InterBase/FireBird

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Database Query utilities 1.8 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of Database Query utilities. You can download the newest versions from the proper download pages.

What's new in EMS Database Query utilities 1.8?

  1. MS SQL Query: MS SQL Server 2005 support
  2. MySQL Query: Views support
  3. PostgreSQL Query: PostgreSQL 8 beta 5 support
  4. Now updating objects in DB Explorer is going faster
  5. Added ability to print text of SQL queries
  6. Added automatic activating of Code Completion
  7. Implemented ability to jump to line number by pressing (Ctrl + G) shortcut
  8. MySQL Query: Connection character sets support. Now you can work with databases in different charsets, irrespectively of server defaults
  9. MySQL Query: Fixed the bug with running queries on servers with specific versions like "3.23.23-nt-20050403"
  10. MySQL Query: Now supports servers using long user names (more than 16 characters long)
  11. PostgreSQL Query: Corrected schema sorting order (it was shown in the reverse order)
  12. Fixed the bug with returning template for * after entering **.
  13. Other minor improvements and bugfixes.