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SQL Server June 2005 Community Technology Preview (CTP)


SQL Server 2005 is Microsoft's next-generation data management and analysis software designed to deliver increased scalability, availability, and security to enterprise data and analytical applications while making them easier to create, deploy, and manage.

SQL Server June 2005 Community Technology Preview (CTP) is the first version of SQL Server 2005 made available for general testing. Previous versions have been available only to customers enrolled in the SQL Server 2005 beta program or those with an MSDN subscription. Please note that you cannot deploy SQL Server June 2005 Community Technology Preview in production environments. Also, peer-to-peer support is available through the SQL Server 2005 newsgroups listed in the Resources section below. SQL Server June 2005 Community Technology Preview is available from these locations:

  • DVDs. This Web page lets you order both a DVD containing the SQL Server June 2005 CTP and a DVD containing the SQL Server 2005 Readiness Kit that provides additional information such as white papers and hands-on labs. You can also order Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2.
  • Downloads. To download an edition of SQL Server 2005, please select an edition in the Downloads box in the upper right and click Go. Note: The download files for Standard Edition and Developer Edition will be available shortly.
  • BetaPlace. If you are enrolled in the SQL Server 2005 beta program, SQL Server June 2005 CTP downloads are available from the BetaPlace Web site.
  • MSDN Subscription. SQL Server June 2005 CTP is also available if you subscribe to MSDN Universal, Enterprise, or Professional.

Editions Available in this CTP

The following editions of SQL Server 2005 are available for download in the SQL Server June 2005 CTP:

Enterprise Edition (32-bit and 64-bit)
Enterprise Edition scales to the performance levels required to support the largest enterprise online transaction processing (OLTP), highly complex data analysis, data warehousing systems, and Web sites. Enterprise Edition's comprehensive business intelligence and analytics capabilities and its high-availability features such as failover clustering and database mirroring allow it to handle the most critical enterprise workloads. Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive edition of SQL Server and is ideal for the largest organizations and the most complex requirements.

Standard Edition (32-bit and 64-bit)
Standard Edition is the data management and analysis platform for small and medium-sized organizations. It includes the essential functionality needed for e-commerce, data warehousing, and line-of-business solutions. Standard Edition's integrated business intelligence and high-availability features provide organizations with the essential capabilities needed to support their operations. Standard Edition is ideal for the small- to medium-sized organization that needs a complete data management and analysis platform.

Workgroup Edition
Workgroup Edition is the data management solution for small organizations that need a database with no limits on size or number of users. Workgroup Edition can serve as a front-end Web server or for departmental or branch office operations. It includes the core database features of the SQL Server product line and is easily upgradeable to Standard or Enterprise Edition. Workgroup Edition is an ideal entry-level database that is reliable, robust, and easy to manage.

Developer Edition
Developer Edition allows developers to build any type of application on top of SQL Server. It includes all of the functionality of Enterprise Edition, but is licensed for use as a development and test system, not as a production server. Developer Edition is an ideal choice for independent software vendors, consultants, system integrators, solution providers, and corporate developers who build and test applications. Developer Edition can be upgraded to SQL Server Enterprise Edition for production use.

Express Edition
Express Edition is a free, easy-to-use, and simple-to-manage database. Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Express Edition makes it easy to develop data-driven applications that are rich in capability, more secure in storage, and fast to deploy. Express Edition is free and can be redistributed (subject to agreement), and functions as the client database as well as a basic server database. Express Edition is an ideal choice for low-end independent software vendors, low-end server users, nonprofessional developers building Web applications, and hobbyists building client applications.

Express Manager
SQL Server 2005 Express Manager is a new and free database management tool designed for ease of use with SQL Server Express Edition. Express Manager includes numerous features to simplify, automate, and reduce the complexity of database support and administration.

For more information about the differences in features and capabilities of the SQL Server 2005 editions, please review the SQL Server 2005 Features Comparison.

Additional Sources of SQL Server 2005 Information

The following Web sites have additional information about SQL Server 2005:

Source: www.microsoft.com.