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Bizgres project launched

Greenplum (formerly Metapa) is sponsoring the Bizgres project on pgFoundry to promote PostgreSQL for business intelligence applications. This project will be the first open source specialized PostgreSQL "distribution", and will include several add-ons as well as modifications to the PostgreSQL source code.

Greenplum is contributing the time of several of their engineers, some in-house code, and sponsoring PostgreSQL community members Josh Berkus and Simon Riggs. Developments are expected to include:

  • full table partitioning
  • high-speed java-based bulk loader
  • interactive configuration script
  • performance knowledge base
  • solaris binaries
  • improvements to PostgreSQL I/O
  • configurations for popular DSS software

Additionally, Greenplum will be part sponsors of pgFoundry's new Opteron-powered home, still being set up (other sponsors are GigAve and Josh Berkus).

The Bizgres project's home page will be up on Monday (PDT). Development will take place on pgFoundry. The code will be 100% open source and BSD-licensed (other OSS licenses may be included later). For more information, see the FAQ.

If you're interested in BI/DW on PostgreSQL, please join! Discussions will start on the bizgres-general mailing list.