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PostgreSQL 8.0.2 now available.

Over the past several weeks, Tom Lane has been working on replacing our old Cache Management Alorithm (ARC) with a new, patent free one (2Q).

In order to reduce the number of 8.x deployments out there that are using the old manager, we have just released 8.0.2, and encourage adminstrators to upgrade at their earliest convience.

For those already running 8.x on your production servers, please note that this upgrade does *NOT* require a dump restore, but due to a bump in the major version number for the client library (libpq), it *WILL* require all client applications to be recompiled at the same time.

For a full list of bugs fixed in this version, please see the HISTORY file.

With Source tarballs available here.

Binary/Install Packages for Windows are available here.

Source: www.postgresql.org.