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MySQL 4.0.22 released.

MySQL 4.0.22, a new version of the popular Open Source/Free Software Database Management System has been released. It is now available in source and binary form for a number of platforms from our download pages at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/ and mirror sites.

This is a bug fix release for the previous product version.

Functionality added or changed in release 4.0.22:

  • The --with-openssl option for configure now accepts a path prefix as an argument. --with-openssl-includes and --with-openssl-libs are still supported, but are needed only to override the default values.
  • Added new --without-man option to configure to suppress building/installing the manual pages.
  • InnoDB: New mysqld option --innodb-table-locks and session variable innodb_table_locks (on by default). You can now disable InnoDB table locks if your application depends on the way MySQL did table locks before 4.0.20. See section "Restrictions on InnoDB Tables" in the manual.

See complete list of changes and bugs fixed here.

Source: dev.mysql.com