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Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 Ups Security and Performance

Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 has been released by Oracle, adding improvements to enable the security, usability, and performance required for enterprise development and IT needs.

Available in two versions, the Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 Enterprise Edition and Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 Community Edition, the new release is available for download from the Oracle Technology Network.

Enabling increased security, OS-independent, cluster-wide password-based user authentication and Oracle Wallet integration enables protection from unauthorized access to sensitive data. Moreover, session-level Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and network port restrictions allow stronger network protection.

In terms of usability, Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 provides support for tabular data models to simplify application design and enables easy integration with SQL-based applications. Secondary indexing also provides better performance for queries.

Enhancing data center performance, automatic failover to metro-area secondary data centers supports business continuity for applications, but can also be used to offload read-only workloads, like analytics, report generation, and data exchange for improved workload management.

News source: dbta.com