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Facebook releasing new Social Graph database benchmark: LinkBench

Facebook's entire business operation works by traversing its social graph, the links between users that allow it and its advertisers to mine personal information. Now the firm has released its Linkbench benchmark so it can find out how efficient it is at delivering that data.

What is particularly interesting about Facebook's graph benchmark is that it reveals the firm is still using the MySQL database. In recent years NoSQL vendors such as 10Gen and Couchbase have won a lot of business from companies that generate large amounts of user data, however Facebook said, "MySQL offers a good mix of flexibility, performance, and administrative ease, but the database engineering team continues to explore alternatives to MySQL for storing social graph data."

Facebook said its Linkbench benchmark addresses its workloads by "replicating the data model, graph structure, and request mix of our MySQL social graph workload".

However the firm warned that the benchmark is a graph serving benchmark not a graph processing benchmark, saying the difference is that Linkbench simulates the transactional workload rather than benchmarking the analytical workload, adding, "One particularly important property that we replicate in Linkbench is the out-degree distribution controlling how many out-edges each node in the graph has."

Facebook's published tests show that its MySQL database configuration is not CPU bound, and yet its database architecture makes use of the increased IOPS that solid state disk (SSD) drives offer. The firm has released Linkbench on Github and provided information on how to customise it for specific workloads.

News source: theinquirer.net