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PostgreSQL Manager 1.0 released!

We're glad to announce, that the release of EMS PostgreSQL Manager v1.0 is coming out today, as planned.

We are very grateful to the users that have already purchased and registered our product: your help was really appreciated.

We are also glad to notify you that EMS PostgreSQL Manager User's Guide is available now. It's a 61 page PDF document, which will help you to master the PostgreSQL Manager quickly.

New in version 1.0:

1. The 'Services' menu added. It contains powerful wizards for executing native PostgreSQL services: Analyze Tables, Vacuum Tables, and Reindex.

2. Service 'Analyze & Vacuum Table' is now available for each table. It can be called quickly from the Table Editor.

3. Interface localization is implemented. No languages are available yet, but you can create your own language file to localize the PostgreSQL Manager interface. Just press Shift+Ctrl+L within any window to call the Localization Editor or create your own *.lng file based on the 'english.lng' file (see $(PostgreSQL Manager)Languages folder to find it). We'll be very grateful to anyone who send us a translation of 'english.lng' to his native language (we will provide a translator with a free PostgreSQL Manager copy). If you are interested please send your suggestions at support@pgsqlmanager.com.

4. The Query Builder setting tab is added to the Environment Options window.

5. A possibility of running multiple PostgreSQL Manager instances added. The 'Disable multiple instances' option appeared in the 'Environment Options' window on the 'Preferences' tab.

6. The 'Show System Objects' option now applies to a database only, not to the whole application. This option is excluded from the 'Environment Options' dialog and moved to the 'Register Database' and 'Register Host' dialogs.

7. The 'Sort By Aliases' element of the DB Explorer popup menu now saves its value after after restarting the application.

8. The 'Confirm running selected query in SQL Editor' option is now excluded from the 'Environment Options' dialog, the 'Execute selected text separately' option added to the 'Tools | SQL Editor' tab instead.

9. Fixed bug in generating the SQL statement in the Create Database Wizard.

10. Several small improvements and minor bugfixes.