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Database Query utilities 1.2 released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of MS SQL Query, MySQL Query, DB2 Query, PostgreSQL Query, and InterBase/Firebird Query.

1. We have significantly improved the query result grid. We have also added a new record filter, which is much more convenient to use than the previous one.

2. We have implemented a BLOB Viewer/Editor. Now you can view/edit values of the BLOB fields using our utilities. This new tool is accessible trough the 'BLOB View' tab of the query result window.

3. Now you can view query results as a printable report. You can print this report or save it to a file for future use. This feature is available by selecting the 'Print View' tab of the query result window.

4. Now you can select and copy text from the History tab of the query window.

5. Now utilities correctly work with subqueries like "SELECT Field1 FROM Table1 WHERE Field1 IN (SELECT Field2 FROM Table2 WHERE Field2='Value')" or conditions like "Field1 = (SELECT Field2 FROM Table1 WHERE Field2='Value')".

6. Fixed bug with parsing logical conditions.

7. Fixed bug with parsing complex conditions.

8. Some small improvements and bug fixes.