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MySQL/PostgreSQL Import 1.3 released.

What's new in MySQL Import and PostgreSQL Import utilities 1.3?

1. Import Modes are implemented. Now you can define an action to be executed with the concurrent records in the source file and the target table. You can either update these records, delete them, insert only new records, and more. For these purpose you should define the key columns as primary key.

2. MySQL Import: a possibility of using the native MySQL LOAD DATA function is implemented. This makes import much faster. Select 'Native Mode' on the Options --> Import Mode tab to use this feature.

3. Possibility of defining the type of adding data to the destination table - insert or append - is added to MySQL/PostgreSQL Import.

4. Possibility of adding new extensions to the list of supported import types and a possibility of flexible defining import type for any file is implemented. Adding import files becomes even easier now. You can also uncheck new option 'Auto Detect Type' in the 'Preferences' dialog to define import type each time on adding import file.

5. Import to DBF: 'Ignore deleted records' option is added. It allows you not to import records, which are marked as 'deleted' in the source DBF file.

6. Some new options are added to the 'Preferences' dialog.

7. Several minor improvements and bugfixes.