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QuickDesk 2.9 released.

What's new in QuickDesk 2.9?

1. Import Data Wizard:

   - Import from MS Access is implemented
   - A possibility of replacing text for each imported field is added
   - Some visual improvements
   - Fixed bug with using constant values

2. The TestDataGenerator plugin was improved by adding the progress dialog.
Also there are some bugfixes in that module. Remember that this plugin is also available as Delphi source code in the $(QuickDesk)PluginsSourcesDataGenerator directory.

3. Server version is added to the database hint in the DB Explorer.

4. All modules from the Services menu (Backup, Restore, Statistics, etc) were optimized. Now they work slightly faster.

5. Now you can see 15 database domains at once in the Add Column/Edit Column dialogs.

6. SP Editor: The algorithm of recompiling procedure's dependencies was significantly improved.

7. Now it's possible to completely disable parsing of stored procedures before compilation (Environment Options -> Tools).

8. Now QuickDesk saves/restores DB Explorer's database order to/from the registry. Just a reminding that you can change database order in the DB Explorer tree by drag'n'drop.

9. Now QuickDesk saves its settings immediately after pressing the OK button in the Environment Options dialog.

10. Register Database Wizard: now it's possible to change the database name after using the Copy alias function.

11. QuickDesk now saves/restores the keyboard template style. Also some minor improvements in the Keyboard Template dialog.

12. View Editor: fixed bug with restoring privileges if the view name was changed.

13. The bug which occurred if you call User Manager immediately after registering a new database on a new server doesn't appear anymore

14. SP Editor: the cursor position now is displayed correctly.

15. Database Statistic: the 'n' and 't' symbols, which returned by server are now replaced to line break and TAB accordingly.

16. Save Settings Wizard: now QuickDesk correctly saves/restores registered databases information.

17. Fixed bug with creation of new procedure if the user enters procedure name using mixed case without quotes e.g. Some_Procedure

18. Environment Options -> Windows: in the previous version options the  "Restricted By MainForm" option worked as the "Restricted By MainForm and DB Explorer" option and vise versa. It is fixed now.

19. Some other minor improvements and bugfixes.

(*) -- Professional Edition only