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IB Manager 3.5 released.

What's new in IB Manager 3.5?

1. Visual Database Designer: we have added a possibility to save the diagram as a bitmap. Now you can save you diagrams to graphical files using the Save As Image button of the Visual Database Designer toolbar. (*)

2. Data View: we have added a possibility to set filter to the Grid View. Now you can filter the current data view using drop-down arrows on the right of the column captions.

3. The Create Procedure function is now available for views as well as for tables.

4. Now you can hide the Object Explorer tree from object editors permanently by disabling the "Automatically show Object Explorer..." option on the Tools tab of the Environment Options dialog.

5. The Validate Database option is now enabled default in the Database Validation dialog to avoid the 'Unsuccessful execution...' error raised if no options were selected.

6. DB Explorer: a database closes automatically now if the connection to it has been lost for some reason. It prevents the application from hanging up due to impossibility to disconnect from a database.

7. Export Data and Export Data as INSERT items are also available for views in the DB Explorer now. (*)

8. Character set in the Print View corresponds to the database charset now. (*)

9. Fixed bug with representing the dependencies in the View Editor.

10. Fixed bug with adding a trigger using the object explorer of the Table Editor. Now names of trigger types appear correctly in the explorer.

11. Grant/Revoke On All menu item works correctly in the Grant Manager now.

12. Fixed bug with generating a wrong CREATE TABLE statement in the Export Data as INSERT dialog in case of selecting the fields for export manually from the dual list. (*)

13. Fixed bug with DATE/TIMESTAMP values format in the Stored Procedure Debugger. (*)

14. Fixed bug with BLOB fields truncating during the import data process. (*)

15. Fixed bug with the 'CONTINUE record missing' error while importing data from some Excel files. (*)

16. Query result does not become read-only anymore if more than one space appears after the FROM keyword.

17. Fixed bug with the fetching status window in the SQL Editor if the Fetch All option is enabled.

18. Fixed bug with using aggregate functions within the SELECT statement in the Visual Query Builder. (*)

19. Some minor improvements and corrections.