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Database Query utilities 1.7 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, and InterBase/Firebird Database Query utility.

EMS Database Query utility 1.7 features:

1. Now the time of execution of a query and the number of returned/affected records are shown.

2. You can export the query results to Clipboard now.

3. The procedures’ names and parameters are now highlighted.

4. PostgreSQL Query: Connecting to a database is performed much faster now.

5. Grid. You can now use the Ctrl+C shortcut to copy to Clipboard the cell content.

6. PostgreSQL Query: now supports PostgreSQL 8

7. Interbase Query: now supports Interbase 7.1

8. On opening the query window the access violation error appeared, if the ‘Query Builder \\ Condition Button Style’ option value was different from the 3D-look. The bug is fixed.

9. PostgreSQL Query: In some cases on editing an array-field value the program was aborted. Fixed now.

10. MS SQL Query: The names of views weren’t displayed in DB Explorer, if any of views had syntax errors. Now the problem is solved.

11. PostgreSQL Query: The string fields' values now are shown correctly for such queries as e.g.:
   INNER JOIN ayz.table_a ON
(ayz.table_ab.aid = ayz.table_a.id)
ayz.table_b ON (ayz.table_ab.bid = ayz.table_b.id)