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MySQL Manager 1.8 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.8?

1. Export Data Dialog was upgraded to a newer version of QuickExport Component Suite (see http://www.ems-hitech.com/quickexport/ to learn more about these components).

Here is a short list of new export features: (*)

  • a possibility of restricting the number of exported records was added
  • the appearance of the Export Dialog was improved;
     - a possibility of changing the order of the exported columns was added;
  • a lot of features to the Excel export was added: now you can define font, color, borders, fill, etc. for each column of the spreadsheet, and define an aggregate function for each field;
  • now it's possible to define page orientation in export to RTF file
  • now it's possible to set the column alignments in export to HTML, TXT or RTF file
  •  and more...

2. Grant Manager: a possibility to manage the privileges on database level was added. Now you can manage all the MySQL privileges using the Grant Manager feature.

3. SQL Script: a possibility to disable the result log was added. Now you can disable output to the result memo (if it isn't necessary for you) and improve the performance of the query execution. It is escpecially aloud when executing large scripts. Some small improvements were also added to the SQL Script.

4. A possibility of not using the field dimension was added to the Add/Edit Column dialog. Now you can define fields such as FLOAT and DOUBLE with or without size and precision.

5. Form View: fixed bug with clearing the field value if in the previous record it was Null.

6. Fixed bug with changing the primary key index to index with the different name.

7. The strings that contain backslashes as the escape character process properly now. Because of a bug in the parser some errors did occur with '\\', '"' and ''' sequences within a string. Now it is fixed.

8. Fixed bug with renaming tables in old versions (generally 3.22.x) of MySQL server.

9. Fixed bug with setting the BINARY attribute to CHAR and VARCHAR fields.

10. Some minor bugfixes and a lot of little improvements.