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MySQL Manager 1.7 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.7?

1. MySQL Manager Direct feature was added. Now you can easily check for MySQL Manager updates and download the latest version just from the application. Use "Help->MySQL Manager Direct" menu item to open the MySQL Manager Direct window and click the Update button to receive the latest information about MySQL Manager.

2. Now it is possible to invoke Export Data, Export Data As INSERT statements, Import Data and Load Data functions directly from the DB Explorer. Just select the table in the DB Explorer tree, right-click for the popup menu and choose the required item from Data Manipulation submenu... (*)

3. The ability to export all the MySQL Manager settings was added. Now you can easily export all or partial MySQL Manager settings (such as registration info of the databases, environment or editor options) to single *.reg file, which you can apply to MySQL Manager installed on another machine or use to restore the previous settings. You can run the export wizard through "Options->Save settings" menu.

4. Load Data Wizard now works properly with libmysql.dll library compiled without local-infile option.

5. Commit/Rollback dialog now does not appear if connection to server is lost.

6. Fixed some bugs with localization of multiple instances of the Table Editor window and SQL Editor.

7. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.

(*) - Professional Edition only