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Database Query and Data Export utilities 1.6 released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, and InterBase/Firebird Database Query and Data Export utilities. You can download the newest versions from the proper download pages.

1. We have implemented the major integration ability between our Query and Export products. Now you can export query results from any Database Query utility using functionality of our Data Export utilities. All you need is to install the version 1.6 of the corresponding Data Export utility (i.e. you need to install MySQL Export 1.6 to export query results from MySQL Query 1.6). The Export Data button will appear on the main toolbar of the Database Query utility.

2. MySQL Query: Now the program shows results of execution of the SHOW ... statement.

3. Now the Print View gets columns width from the Grid View. You can customize columns width with this version.

4. We have added the Refresh Report button to Print View.

5. Now the Data Export utilities display descriptions of all query errors when checking query correctness.

6. With this version the Data Export utilities ask for confirmation when you try to abort the export process. This feature can help you to avoid casual aborts of the export process.

7. Data Export: we have fixed a bug that caused an error when rolling back changes in a query.

8. Some small improvements and bug fixes.