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PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.4 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.3?

1. SQL Editor: Now you can use the Shift+Ctrl+Spacebar key combination to view function parameters after you enter a function name in your code.

2. Now the program supports domain checks in PostgreSQL 7.4.

3. Duplicate Table: With this version you can copy the table data along with the table structure.

4. Table Editor: Now you can create an updatable view for the table.

5. Query Builder: Now you can create views that are based on queries.

6. Now the program asks confirmation to load all table records when exporting data if the grid record limit is on.

7. Print Data View in the Table Editor: Now the program displays a table name on each page of the report.

8. The Database Metadata Log now contains only records that are executed completely and not rolled back.

9. The Database SQL Editor Log now contains only statements that are executed successfully. You can disable this feature using the corresponding option on the SQL Editor tab of the Environment Options dialog.

10. Function Debugger: Several improvements and bug fixes in the variable list.

11. The "'' is not a valid integer value." error that appeared when opening a PostgreSQL 7.4 table with a unique INDEX BY statement is fixed now.

12. Visual Database Designer: We have fixed a bug that caused an error when creating links from the drop-down menu of the table.

13. Edit Field: We have fixed a bug that caused an error when displaying dimensions of an array field.

14. The "Control has no parent window" error does not appear anymore when starting the program if the DB Explorer had been hidden in the previous session.

15. SQL Script: Now the program correctly saves scripts when pressing the Ctrl+S shortcut.

16. Fixed a bug that caused high processor load when typing text in the SQL Editor if the selected interface language differed from a default one.

17. Fixed a bug with a button on the Form View tab that shows BLOB content.

18. Extract Metadata: Now the program correctly reports about all errors that appear during the extraction process.

19. Some small improvements and bug fixes.