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Database Comparsion utilities 1.1 released.

We are pleased to announce the new versions of MS SQL Database Comparer, MySQL Database Comparer, PostgreSQL Database Comparer, and InterBase/Firebird Database Comparer.

What's new in version 1.1?

1. We have significantly increased the comparison speed for the databases with large amount of objects.

2. Now the fields order is considered on comparing tables. You can enable or disable this feature by using the Field order option on the Project Options->Compare Options->Fields panel.

3. Now you can view the project options just before the project loading. Check the Show Project Options before Loading option on the Project Options panel of the Environment Options dialog to enable this feature.

4. We have added two new options to the Project Options panel of the Environment Options Dialog - Enable Forward Navigation and Enable Backward Navigation. By using these options, you can customize the navigation behavior. If the forward navigation is enabled, you can navigate between generated SQL scripts by selecting the proper objects from object trees and vice versa if the backward navigation is enabled.

5. Now you can copy the Object definition to the clipboard. You can also collapse and expand the database trees.

6. Some small improvements and bugfixes.