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QuickImport 2.1 released.

What's new in QuickImport Component Suite 2.1?

1. We have added the OnDestinationLocate event to all components of the suite including the TQImport2Wizard and TADOQImport2Wizard components. This event can be used when it is necessary to find a row by key values in the TDataset or TDBGrid destinations and allows you to control defining of the search condition parameters.

2. We have added the WriteOnFly property in the TQImport2XML component. This property determines how the source xml file will be read and imported. If WriteOnFly is set to false then the source file will be read and parsed completely, and after that the prepared data will be imported to the destination object (e.g. TDataSet, TDBGrid etc.). If WriteOnFly is set to true each tag will be read, parsed and imported separately without temporary saving to memory. Corresponding options are added in the TQImport2Wizard and TADO_QImport2Wizard components.

3. We have improved the Excel Map Editor in the TQImport2Wizard and TADO_QImport2Wizard components. Now you have a possibility of selecting one or more columns or rows by one click. Press the Ctrl key and click on any column header to select a whole column or click on the row number to select a whole row. Use the Shift key to select a range of columns or rows.

4. The Formats property editor available from the TADO_QImport2Wizard component now.

5. A bug with displaying the SkipCols and SkipRows values in the Excel Map Editor in the TQImport2Wizard and TADO_QImport2Wizard components is fixed now.

6. Some small improvements and bugfixes.