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QueryBuilder 2.5 released.

What's new in QueryBuilder Component Suite 2.5?

1. We have implemented the MS SQL dialect support in our component suite. Now you can use the TMSSQLQueryBuilder component for building queries to MS SQL server. Five SQL dialects are supported by the suite now: standard SQL, InterBase/FireBird, MySQL, PostgeSQL and MS SQL.

2. We have added a Delphi demo project for TMSSQLQueryBuilder component to the distribution package. This demo project uses ADO components to access MS SQL databases. You can find this project in the DemosDelphiADODemo directory of the distribution package.

3. QueryBuilder supports using parameters within the query text now, so parser will not raise the 'Invalid token' error in cases when parameters are used in the query.

4. Now the Sorting tab displays all query fields as available if none of the fields are included into the Selection tab.

5. Field/table names containing a dot character are quoted correctly after dragging and dropping them into the Criteria panel.

6. Fixed bug with the incorrect ORDER BY clause generation after deleting a table with alias from a diagram in some cases.

7. Fixed bug with parsing aggregates in the TInterBaseQueryBuilder component.

8. Some small improvements and minor corrections.