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DBISAM Manager 1.2 released.

What's new in DBISAM Manager 1.2?

1. We have added a Japanese localization to the DBISAM Manager installation package. Now three languages are available: English, Russian and Japanese. This list will expand from version to version.

2. Data View: we have added a possibility to set filters for the Grid View. Now you can filter the current data view using drop-down arrows at the right of the column captions.

3. We have added a possibility to view the field values of Graphic and TypedBinary types to the BLOB Viewer/Editor. Now the BLOB Viewer/Editor allows you to view the content of Graphic and TypedBinary fields on the Images tab, put images into such fields from files and save their content to disk as bitmaps.

4. Now you can disable requesting live results when you execute a query in the SQL Editor or Visual Query Builder. If you work with live data and want to protect query results from accidental editing, you should switch off the "Request live results for queries" option, available on the Tools tab of the Environment Options dialog. This option also can be temporarily (within current session) switched on/off by the corresponding item of the Execute button drop-down menu in both SQL Editor and Visual Query Builder.

5. A password for table encryption requires confirmation now. This was made to avoid accidental misprints passwords and later impossibility to open the encrypted table. It is also possible now to decrypt a table by unchecking the "Encrypted with Password" option in the Table Properties dialog.

6. The Print View on the Table Editor Data tab allows you to save the current report as CVS, TXT, RTF or HTML file now.

7. New transaction doesn't start automatically anymore after changing data in the Data View unless the "Start transaction automatically after data is changed" option is checked. You can enable or disable this option on the Tools tab of the Environment Options dialog. This option is off default.

8. The BLOB field values are extracted to the script as CAST('...' AS MEMO) expression now.

9. Identifiers appearing in the IN (..) clause are parsed correctly by the Visual Query Builder now.

10. Fixed bug with printing boolean values in the Print View.

11. Fixed bug with the incorrect field order in the INSERT statement generated by the Export As Insert dialog.

12. Some small improvements and minor bugfixes.