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PostgreSQL Manager for Linux 1.1 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 1.1?

1. Environment Options: A possibility of defining Qt style is added.

2. DB Explorer: The "Add to project" dialog is improved. You can add, delete or modify folders or subfolders of the project from this dialog.

3. Main Form: The Database->New Object and Database->Duplicate Object menu items are added.

4. Main Form: A possibility of starting other our utilities (PostgreSQL Export, PostgreSQL Import, PostgreSQL Extract) from main form is added. If you've installed some of EMS PostgreSQL Utils, the program will automatically add proper buttons to the Utils toolbar on Main Form for fast calling these utils from PostgreSQL Manager.

5. Trigger Editor: A possibility of creating or editing corresponding function is added.

6. Data Frame: The "Set Filter..." context menu item works correctly now.

7. Server v7.3: Fixed bug with incorrect script generation for creating functions with an argument like ..

8. Field size for TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMPTZ, TIME, TIMETZ, and INTERVAL shows correctly now.

9. Fixed bug with incorrect script generation on adding a TIMETZ field to the table.

10. Field size and precision for NUMERIC show correctly now.

11. Some small improvements and corrections.