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ExcelReport 1.1 released.

What's new in ExcelReport 1.1?

1. Added new SubReport property, which allows you to create multisheet reports.

2. A possibility to use the Unicode strings in the template is impelemented.

3. Now the rightmost report column is built correctly with more than A..Z columns in the template.

4. A nonvoid cell with an empty string does not appear in the top right corner any more.

5. An assertion 'Wrong "Num" parameter (EXLReportCopyMngr line 627)' appeared occasionally on building reports with groups. Now it doesn't.

6. Now you can use the TClientDataSet component linked to the master dataset through a DataSetField property as a detail dataset.

7. Progress window has changed the Position property from poDesktopCenter to poMainFormCenter as it was incorrectly displayed on computers with dual monitors.

8. Some other features and improvements.