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PostgreSQL Manager 1.3 released.

What's new in PotsgreSQL Manager 1.3?

1.  New data grid. Now it can work in two modes: "Load All Rows" and "Load Visible Rows". The first mode provides some additional features, such as filtering fields, sorting data be several fields, etc. However this mode works slower on tables with large amount of records. The second mode works just as in previous versions. According to this a new option "Load all rows mode as default" appeared on the Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog, and in the popup menu a submenu appeared, which allows you to select a mode: "Load All Rows", "Load Visible Rows", or "Default". If you select the "Default" item, the mode is selected according to the option "Load all rows mode as default". The selected mode is stored individually for each table. You can also use another new option "Row multi-selection" on the Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog. If this option is enabled, you can select multiple rows in a grid, but in this case navigation in tables with large amount of records is slower.

2. Unicode database support - now you can define the client encoding and font char set in Register Database and Register Host dialogs

3. Functions, returning SET OF are supported now. The appropriate options added to the Function Editor.

4. Changes in the table Form View: field type is displayed in the field name hint; the Null option is not visible if a field can't be Null; string and memo fields expanded to the window width.

5. Parameters in Analyze and Vacuum services are described more precisely.

6. The Inherits From list in the Create Table Dialog redesigned.

7. In the Environment Options dialog a new tab appeared - Tools Reports, where you can set the sheet size for the reports.

8. A possibility to set column widths for Print Data table view added. Use option "Get column's width from Grid View" on the Reports tab of the Environment Options dialog.

9. Find and replace text functions added to the localization editor (called by Shift+Ctrl+L).

10. All objects are recreated correctly now while reordering fields.

11. Fixed bug 'List index is out of bounds', which rarely appeared on reading the foreign key on server 7.2.

12. The update script is generated correctly now on setting the Unique options while editing a field.

13. Object descriptions are displayed with word wrap now.

14. Fixed bug with displaying query results in the SQL Editor with some definite settings enabled.

15. A bug with the "SQL Monitor Options" button in the SQL Monitor is fixed.

16. Now you can set names longer than 31 characters for all the objects on server 7.3.

17. On the Form View of the Results tab in Query Builder and SQL Editor fields are no more available for editing for non-alive queries.

18. The Returns drop-down list in the Function Editor now contains complex types (i.e., table's row types).

19. View Editor for server 7.3. Now on renaming a view or one of the view's columns the update script is generated as CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW, instead of DROP - CREATE VIEW.

20. Fixed bug with impossibility of entering some specific characters in the code editors with AltGr.

21. Object comments, which contain an apostrophe symbol, are now saved correctly.

22. Fixed bug with loading visual settings on program startup.

23. Fixed bug with adding SERIAL and BIGSERIAL fields to a table.

24. A lot of other bugfixes and small improvements.