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QuickDesk released.

1. BLOB Viewer/Editor was implemented: Now you can view or edit the content of
BLOB fields in five different ways: as hexdecimal array, as plain text,
as rich text, as image and as HTML (the last two is for view only).
Just click the corresponding tool button in a Table window or select the m
enu item from popup menu of the Data grid to make appear BLOB Viewer/Editor
on the screen.
Also, this feature allows you to do following actions:
a) Load data to BLOB field from file.
b) Save data to file from BLOB field
c) View a graphical information of the following formats: Bitmap (BMP), Icon
(ICO), Windows Metafile (WMF) and JPEG Image (JPG).
2. Import Data Wizard: Now you can import your data from text files to
tables within a wizard instead of dialog. It is especially comfortably to
use wizard when you have some importing data formats different from
defaults, and which you can forget to define in dialog tabsheet.
3. Data Export: Export to DBF file was implemented (BDE does NOT required).
4. Create Procedures From Table: Now QuickDesk can generate
"Alter Procedure..." statement instead "Create Procedure..."
if procedure already exists in database.
5. "Register Now!" menu item was added into Help Menu.
Corrections and Fixes:
1. Fixed bug with logging of creating or changing object's descriptions. Now
QuickDesk generate "Describe object..." statement instead
2. Importing Data: Now you can import your data into the BLOB fields. Some
small bugs were fixed.
3. Fixed something small bugs.