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John Russell
What's New in MySQL 5.5
Let's explore some recent improvements to the speed, scalability, and user-friendliness of the MySQL database and the InnoDB storage engine.
Arup Nanda
Oracle Technology: Building on Storage.
Create sophisticated, feature-rich clustered file systems on Oracle Automatic Storage Management disk groups.
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Window Functions in Firebird 3 (part2) - cumulative aggregates
Another article about the specifics of using the window functions support in Firebird 3.
Andrew Morgan
Replacing MEMORY storage engine with MySQL Cluster
The article discusses using MySQL Cluster as an alternative to the MySQL MEMORY storage engine.
Leo Hsu and Regina Obe
Encrypting PostgreSQL data with pgcrypto
In this article we'll go over the basics built-in and the more advanced provided by the PostgreSQL contrib module pgcrypto.
Larry Alston
A Practical Guide to Adopting an Open Source Database for Enterprise IT Use
Trends & Applications: The article discusses the drivers and benefits of using open source database management systems in the enterprise.
Deanna Dicken
MERGE Your DML Statements in SQL Server 2008
MERGE is a new statement introduced in the SQL:2003 standard for performing multiple DML (Data Manipulation Language) statements against a target table at once. In this article we’ll look into ways to take advantage of this powerful addition to SQL.
Arup Nanda
Oracle Database Partitions - Partition Virtually
Save space by deactivating index partitions, and use virtual columns to partition more logically.
Leo Hsu and Regina Obe
Regular Expressions in PostgreSQL
This article highlights the methods of using regular expressions in PostgreSQL SQL statements.
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Window Functions in Firebird 3
One of the Firebird Core Developers has published some information about the implementation of the OVER function in Firebird 3.