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EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

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PostgreSQL Manager 2.8.5 for Windows released.

We are pleased to announce new version of PostgreSQL Manager for Windows. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 2.8.5?

  1. Added Spanish localization.
  2. Implemented new ability to rename sequence with the appropriate changes of dependent fields.
  3. Visual Database Designer. Added a button to refresh diagram.
  4. Function Debugger.
    • Function parameter values now are saved after closing/opening the debugger.
    • When trying to change the value of variable like BOOLEAN there arose an error "Invalid variant operation". The bug is fixed.
    • Sometimes calling a function within the debugged function returned "ERROR: function xxx(yyy) is not unique" error. Fixed now.
  5. SQL Editor.
    • Implemented an ability to reset current execution point - added the corresponding item to the context menu.
    • When opening a file its name was not memorized, that during saving could lead to rewriting an earlier saved file. Fixed now.
    • SELECT statements beginning with "(" didn't return the results. The bug is fixed.
  6. Field editor. To switch out from memo control you can use shortcuts Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab now.
  7. Grid. Added Ctrl+B shortcut to call Blob Editor for the current field.
  8. Function editor. On executing a function that returns RECORD data type, the program demands to input column definition list.
  9. Extract Metadata. Operators of setting current sequence values are now generated correctly.
  10. Query Builder. Sometimes it worked incorrectly with large queries. The problem is solved.
  11. Grid. When editing DATETIME fields the time value wasn't shown. Fixed now.
  12. Cluster Table. Analyzing table didn't work correctly. Now the bug is fixed.
  13. Report Designer. Sometimes 'Variant does not reference an automation object' error arose when building a report with joint query. The bug is fixed.
  14. Changing Metadata window. Alt+C shortcut for Commit button kept working even if the button was disabled. The bug is fixed.
  15. Copy Data from/to File wizards. Fixed the bug with adding "/" to the beginning of file name, due to which servers didn't work with Windows version. Also the wizard is not disabled now after copying.
  16. Grant Manager. "Grant On All" menu item wasn't disabled when clicking an object name. The bug is fixed.
  17. Visual Database Designer. It was impossible to decrease table size to a big amount at a time. Fixed now.
  18. Tables with names beginning with 'pg_' were considered as system tables. Fixed now.
  19. Small improvements and bugfixes.