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SQL Manager for PostgreSQL v. 4.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new version of SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL v.4.1?

  1. Data Import wizard. Import using COPY command is implemented. To activate this mode set Batch insert as import type at the ‘Set import and data write type’ step.
  2. Now the codepage can be set for a file when opening/saving it in SQL editors.
  3. Spell checking feature is implemented in SQL editors to check and perform corrections to SQL code automatically. The spell checking parameters can be set at the Spell Checking tab of the Editor Options dialog.
  4. In many object lists the ability to perform incremental search appeared.
  5. Blob Editor could not be used for text fields. Fixed now.
  6. Russian localization is added.
  7. Data Form View. For strings longer than 80 characters the editor for TEXT fields is opened. The ‘Word wrap in string fields’ option is added as well.
  8. Grid. When inserting data into TEXT fields the data used to get truncated to 8 kb size. Fixed now.
  9. Code Completion.
    • Object names in uppercase are inserted in quotes now.
    • The Code Completion window didn’t open for the first word of the first line in editor. Fixed now.
  10. SQL Editor.
    • For the table with the name in lowercase in SELECT queries whenever the table name contained capital letters the results of the query turned to be read-only. Fixed now.
    • When saving the tab content into a file, after moving tabs, the file turned out to be linked to a wrong tab. Fixed now.
    • In some rare cases one was unable to interrupt query execution; also, with some specific options set, interrupting query execution raised an error and lead to disconnecting from the server. Fixed now.
    • When several copies of SQL Editor are used and the content of one of them is being saved, the changes in the content of the other ones are also considered.
  11. In table DDL the method of checking whether the field is of SERIAL type is improved. Now the field is considered to be of SERIAL type only when its sequence name corresponds to the table name and field name.
  12. Export Data as SQL Script. When exporting data to a file the warning window is displayed if the file already exists.
  13. DB Explorer.
    • The Create Database and Drop Database items are added to context menu.
    • Works faster with the databases containing many objects.
    • The Favorite Query tab (when it was created) used to disappear after refreshing. Fixed now.
  14. Server Сonfiguration, Role Settings. On attempt to add a parameter the AV error occurred. Fixed now.
  15. In some rare cases the AV error raised when disconnecting from a database. Fixed now.
  16. HTML Report. At the ‘Selecting objects for report’ step the buttons for selecting/excluding all objects are added.
  17. Download File wizard. When returning to a previous step the parameters entered were not saved. Fixed now.
  18. Names of the tables in lowercase were not highlighted as link in SQL editor if written in capital letters. Fixed now.
  19. Table Editor. When creating a foreign key its sign was not refreshed at the Fields tab. Fixed now.
  20. If in Lite version of SQL Manager the limit of registered databases was exceeded, an empty-named database used to be added into DB Explorer tree after reconnect. Fixed now.
  21. After aligning windows, e.g. by title vertical, the window size and its position used to be lost if any other object was selected at the Object bar of the editor. Fixed now.
  22. Other small improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.