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SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL ver.3.6.5 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL version 3.6.5?

  1. SQL Editor. Key Mapping is implemented to set the shortcuts for various commands/operations according to your needs.
  2. Query Builder. Support of queries containing the tables from different databases hosted on one server is implemented.
  3. Create Table. Added comment support for tables.
  4. Server Properties. Now connection with SSH and HTTP tunnels is supported.
  5. New option "Write only successfully executed SQL statements to log" (Database Registration Info -> Logs) is added.
  6. SQL Editor.
    • Opportunity to execute statement under cursor is added.
    • The bug with division by zero having Explain Query for an incorrect query is fixed.
  7. Extract Database.
    • Added the "Use tables selected on the previous step" option to extract data from the tables selected for extracting the structure.
    • Progress indicator now displays the number of extracted data for tables.
    • Fixed the bug with extracting the procedures and functions when the user has no rights for viewing them.
    • Now the generated script inserts 0 values for autoincrement fields correctly.
  8. Copy Database.
    • Added the "Use tables selected on the previous step" option to copy data from the tables selected for copying the structure.
    • Progress indicator now displays the number of copied data for tables.
    • Added the "Use compressed protocol" option.
  9. Create Database Wizard. Now the created database name is quoted.
  10. Data Import.
    • Now with the transactions disabled in the "Commit changes manually" mode the proper transaction action (Commit or Rollback) is requested after import.
    • Now it is possible to resize the dialog window.
    • Setting of Generator Value and Constant Value was ignored when defining format of the imported fields. Fixed now.
    • When defining a part of fields for import, empty values were inserted into the rest fields, which resulted in not applying the default values set for the fields in the table. Fixed now.
  11. Procedure Editor.
    • Added support of the constructions in procedure bodies like:
          END procd
    • Fixed the bug with creating a procedure with the parameters like:
          param2 ENUM('a','b','c')
  12. The function parameters were not updated if the user didn't have the rights for mysql.proc. Fixed now.
  13. Now the Optimize tables service for InnoDB tables on MySQL 5.x works correctly.
  14. Fixed the bug with getting default values for the BIT(n) fields.
  15. SQL Editor.
    • Next Bookmark, Previous Bookmark commands are added.
    • In some rare cases the text from the beginning of the line was deleted when using the Code Completion tool with option "Trim trailing spaces" enabled. Fixed now.
  16. Visual Database Designer. The Drop Table context menu item worked incorrectly if the field was highlighted, but the table was not. Fixed now.
  17. SQL Script. Now confirmation of aborting the script execution is added.
  18. DB Explorer. The context menu didn't hide when switching to another application. Fixed now.
  19. Table Editor, View Editor. The lines exceeding 32 symbols were cut when exporting lists of subobjects. Fixed now.
  20. Other minor improvements and bugfixes.