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SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL ver.3.4 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL version 3.4?

  1. SQL Editor. Query execution plan is now displayed as a graphical chart.
  2. Full roles support on server 8.1.
  3. Server Status service implemented.
  4. SQL Formatter. Formats SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE queries. (Available from SQL Editor context menu).
  5. Italian localization added (Luigi Covato).
  6. SQL Script.
    • Now the process of script executing is shown and there is an opportunity to stop this process.
    • Now you can open several windows at once.
    • When option 'Enable parsing' was enabled, editing a large script (> 10 M) caused hanging. Fixed now.
  7. Grid.
    • Now when pasting records from the clipboard, you can set correspondences between clipboard columns and query columns.
    • Form view. Memo fields editor is extended (can be customized in Grid > Advanced tab of Environment Options dialog).
    • Blob View. 'Word Wrap' option is added for text.
    • 'Set to Empty String' and other similar operations do not result in posting records in the table any more.
    • Works correctly with OID fields that have no BLOB object for their values.
    • 'OID columns as BLOB' option added (except for fields with the name oid)
  8. Sequences can now be renamed.
  9. Grant Manager.
    • Permissions for groups are now displayed on server 8.1.
    • When switching databases the 'Record index is out of bounds' error occurred sometimes. Fixed now.
  10. Report Designer and Report Editor. Support HTTP connection to database.
  11. Query Builder. Saves queries between sessions.
  12. SQL Editor. Now there are no limitations for the size of edited scripts.
  13. Database Registration information. The feature Font Charset was not saved. Fixed now.
  14. When there were any connected databases, the process of switching between program languages took a long time. Fixed now.
  15. The needed documentation page did not open for some forms when pressing F1. Fixed now.
  16. If a user who connected to the database did not have rights for all schemas, sometimes errors were emerged. The bugs are fixed.
  17. DB Explorer.
    • After deleting the index or trigger, it was not deleted from the tree.
    • Data Manipulation. Did not work correctly for View function.
    The bugs are fixed.
  18. In some cases Query Builder hanged when parsing queries containing cast operator "::". Fixed now.
  19. When deleting a table opened on Data tab, the program hanged or the operation was aborted by timeout. Fixed now.
  20. SQL Editor border draws in accordance with the current visual scheme.
  21. Function debugger. The operation of getting array element according to its index resulted in an error when working with server 7.2.
  22. Table Editor. Double click on the index in Table Explorer did not open its editor. Fixed now.
  23. After renaming the object its name in the DB Explorer context menu was not updated. Fixed now.
  24. Other improvements and bugfixes.