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SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL ver.3.6 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL version 3.6?

  1. SQL Formatter. Formats SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE queries. (Available from SQL Editor context menu).
  2. SQL Script.
    • Now the process of script executing is shown and there is an opportunity to stop this process.
    • Now you can open several windows at once.
    • When option 'Enable parsing' was enabled, editing a large script (> 10 M) caused hanging. Fixed now.
  3. Now you can define Host connection info in User Manager, Grant Manager and SQL Script when setting up a connection. Now these tools also work correctly when using HTTP and SSH tunneling.
  4. SQL Editor.
    • Option 'Don't save queries automatically for the next session' is added. When the option is enabled, you can create and save queries for each database that will be read automatically when running SQL Editor. When the option is disabled, queries created during the last session are saved.
    • Now there are no limitations for the size of edited scripts.
  5. Supporting data of type BOOLEAN and BIT(M) is added.
  6. Table truncation now can be done for several selected tables in DB Explorer.
  7. Query Builder. Saves queries between sessions.
  8. Table Editor
    • Now 'Refresh' button can show changes committed by other transactions.
    • Reorder fields now work correctly for InnoBD tables containing foreign keys.
  9. Grid.
    • Now when executed, such commands as 'Set to Empty String' and the like do not post data to the table.
    • Now when pasting records from the clipboard, you can set correspondences between clipboard columns and query columns.
    • 'Copy to clipboard' now uses tabs as delimiters (for pasting into Excel).
    • Form view. Memo fields editor is extended (can be customized in Grid > Advanced tab of Environment Options dialog).
  10. Extract Database. Option 'Generate USE statement' is added.
  11. Data Export Wizard.
    • Allow captions options added.
    • 'Finish' button is available at all steps.
  12. Procedure Editor. Now shows values of output parameters.
  13. Now you can call Table Properties Window for the selected table in DB Explorer using the popup menu or 'Object Properties' button in Tool Bar.
  14. Blob View: 'Word Wrap' option is added for text. (Available from context menu)
  15. Now you can open Grant Manager without connecting to a database.
  16. Trigger Editor. Code Completion shows the list of table fields after OLD. and NEW. keywords.
  17. The 'Binary flag for char and varchar fields' option is supported (for MySQL versions 3.23-4.0).
  18. Database options used to be saved at the end of working session. Now changes are saved immediately. In case of emergency shutdown of the program or system crash the changes made during the working session are saved too.
  19. Report Designer and Report Editor. Support HTTP connection to database.
  20. Column Editor: saves Size value when changing Char type to Varchar type and vice versa.
  21. Duplicate Object, modal Query Builder. The size of these windows can now be regulated.
  22. It took a long time to close Table Editor when the number of tables in the database exceeded 1000. Fixed now.
  23. With 'SQL sort mode' option enabled sorting by fields of Bigint type was performed incorrectly. Fixed now.
  24. In Code Completion fields for tables and views were not displayed. Fixed now.
  25. Print Metadata. 'Show all objects' button did not work. Fixed now.
  26. Procedure Editor. Clicking on Execute resulted in executing the query twice. Fixed now.
  27. View Editor. On creating a new view with capital letters in its name an error occurred. Fixed now.
  28. Decimal type (10,2) was displayed as Decimal(10,0) in case of HTTP connection. Fixed now.
  29. When updating functions and procedures in DB Explorer an error occurred if the user had no rights to access ‘mysql.proc’. Fixed now.
  30. Other improvements and bugfixes.