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SQL Query 2005 version 2.1 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Query 2005 utility. You can download the newest version from the proper download pages.

What's new in SQL Query 2005 version 2.1?

  1. Column Summary added to the grid context menu.
  2. Added quick data search feature to the grid.
  3. Added SQL TimeOut option to SQL Query for PostgreSQL.
  4. Now big sized diagrams are loaded correctly in Query Builder.
  5. About window now reflects all changes after registration is completed.
  6. When registering a new database host data are taken by default from the current host
  7. When clicking on the "Filter" button filter properties window is now displayed
  8. In case of wrong SQL operator syntax (SQL statement) the error description is shown in the message window now
  9. Other minor bugfixes and improvements