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Advanced Localizer VCL

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Advanced Localizer for RAD Studio VCL

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Localize the current form

First of all you should create the language file or add the existing language file to the Languages property of the TQLanguageSource component (see How to manage the localization files). Then you should define set language you need in the ActiveLanguage property of the TQLanguageSource compoent. You can do this using the Language Source Editor. Place the TQFormLocalizer component to the form you want to localize and set the Source property to the TQLanguageSource component instance, created in advance. Specify the components and properties to be localized in the Form Localizer Editor and click the button 'Save' btnSave. The localized property values from the active language file will be applied to the current form.


See Language Source Editor and Form Localizer Editor for details.


See also:

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