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SQL Query for PostgreSQL

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EMS SQL Query for PostgreSQL

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Quick code

CheckBox Code completion

If this option is checked, then on typing the first characters in SQL Editor you are offered several variants for the word completion as a popup list (an analogue of the Code Insight list in Delphi IDE). The code completion list popups after a delay defined by the Delay option.


Delay (sec)

Using this option you can change the time interval the code completion list popups after.


Code case

Allows you to change the case of the words inserted automatically: Lower, Upper or First upper.


hs4124 - Editor options - Quick code


CheckBox Auto launch keyboard templates

Allows you to use keyboard templates for faster typing regularly used expressions (see Keyboard templates).


CheckBox Color scope categories

If this option is checked, the object types differ in color in the code completion list.


RadioButton Sort by scope / RadioButton Sort by name

Switches sorting objects in the popup menu by name or by type (Table, View, etc.).



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