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Checking database and instance settings

This step of the wizard allows you to check the current database settings and choose between online and cold backups.


Backup Database - Checking database and instance settings


Use the list area to check the current database parameters:

Database name

Instance name



Archivelog destination




DB block size


The Database information area provides extended information for the parameter currently selected in the list.


CheckBox Online backup

Select this option to perform online backup. If this option is deselected, cold backup will be performed.

During cold backup the database is shut down and copying of the datafiles is performed by means of the operating system itself.

In online mode there is no need to shutdown the database but it requires the ARCHIVELOG mode.


Click the Next button to proceed to the Selecting datafiles step (if the User-managed script strategy was specified at the first step) or to the Specifying backup type and options step of the wizard (if the Recovery manager strategy was specified).