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Data Pump for Oracle

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EMS Data Pump for Oracle

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Data Pump for Oracle 3.1.1

March 10, 2016



What's new in EMS Data Pump?


  • Renewed installation program containing lots of fixes.
  • Milliseconds support for the Datatime and Timestamp MySQL types.
  • The 'Out of memory' error occured on transferring a large amount of data from InterBase. Fixed now.
  • The script for the indices having the same name was generated incorrectly for SQL Server and MySQL. Fixed now.
  • Incorrect constraints refreshing in MS SQL Server with ODBC has been fixed.
  • The 'Out of memory' error occured transferring the data from DBF/FoxPro using Advantage OLE DB Provider 11. Fixed now.
  • The 'Access Violation' error occured at Step 5 of the wizard in some cases while importing data from MySQL. Fixed now.
  • There was an error while reconnecting to the source MySQL server. Fixed now.
  • Lots of other improvements and bug-fixes.


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