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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

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Server Properties

Using this page you can set the process/logs list refresh intervals, specify the order for the log items list, and set the limit options for General Query Log that will be applied to the Server Properties viewer.


Environment Options - Tools - Server Properties



Process list refresh interval (sec.)

Use this spinner control to set the refresh interval for the process list (in seconds).


Logs refresh interval (sec.)

Use this spinner control to specify the refresh interval for logs (in seconds).


CheckBox List log items in descending date order

Check this box to sort the log items in the descending date order.


Limit options in General Query Log

This group allows you to set limitations for the General Query Log:


RadioButton Select all records from log

If you choose this item, all records will be selected from the log,

RadioButton Select only ... records

if you choose this item, only the defined number of records will be selected from the log.



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