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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

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Table Editor

CheckBox Always open the Fields tab

If this option is checked, the Fields tab is activated by default upon opening a table in Table Editor.


CheckBox Show Object Explorer

Enables/disables the Object Explorer panel within the Navigation bar of Table Editor.


CheckBox Show table status panel

Enables/disables the table status panel.


CheckBox Do not retrieve record count for a table

Check this option to disable retrieving record count for tables (with this feature enabled, opening large tables may take much time).


CheckBox Allow to edit tables with no keys

Enables/disables editing tables that have no key fields (note that editing tables without unique or primary keys might lead to data integrity issues).


Environment Options - Tools - Table Editor



Default storage engine for new tables

This group allows you to define the storage engine to be used while creating a new table:

RadioButton default engine defined on the server

RadioButton the following engine for all databases (use the Default storage engine drop-down list to select one of the supported types: MyISAM, ISAM, HEAP, MRG_MyISAM, InnoDB, BerkeleyDB, Gemini, FEDERATED, ARCHIVE, CSV, NDBCluster, BLACKHOLE, SOLIDDB, FALCON).



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