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Trees and lists

Use the Trees and lists section of the Visual options dialog to view and edit the corresponding options.


Visual Options - Trees and Lists



Look & feel

This setting determines the manner in which tree and list elements are painted. Use the drop-down list to select the painting style that will be applied to the trees and lists:





CheckBox Hide selection

This option specifies how selected tree nodes and list items are displayed when focus leaves the tree or list control.

If this option is enabled, selected nodes look like other nodes. Otherwise, selected nodes/items are highlighted within the tree/list.


CheckBox Native style

This option determines whether the native Windows style will be applied to the trees and lists.

The option has the highest priority for trees and lists. If this option is selected, the tree nodes and list items are painted according to the native Windows style, regardless of other painting settings.


Note: The Native style option is currently supported for the Windows® XP operating system only.



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