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SQL Manager for SQL Server

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EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server

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SQL Manager for SQL Server 5.0.3

December 6, 2019


What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 5.0.3?


1. Desktop was not restored correctly if server name contained non-Latin characters. Fixed now.

2. 'List index out of bounds' error occured on filtration if connection was lost. Fixed now.

3. The main menu disappeared with some specific localizations used. Fixed now.

4. Default values are now set correctly on client side.

5. Deafult names for tables didn't apply current schema. Fixed now.

6. Confirmation was added for closing all editors.

7. 'Invalid variant type' error on editing datetime2 data in SQL Azure fixed.

8. Now the number of fetched records is displayed right in Load visible rows mode.

9. Other minor fixes.


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