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EMS Data Export for InterBase/Firebird

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Using query parameters

Both the GUI Wizard and the console version of Data Export for Interbase/Firebird support parameters in a query.


For example, you export data from a table named table1 and at Step 3 of the GUI version of the utility you specify the following query, e.g. Query_0:


SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE field1 > :param0


Then you need to save the template file which will be used in the console version of the utility. To set the parameter value when using the console version, you need to specify the following command in the command line (if you run the console version from the program installation directory and the template file is also located in this directory):


IbExportC.exe TemplateFile -Query_0:param0=5

where 5 is the query parameter value


If you export data from multiple queries, you need to specify the following command in the command line:


IbExportC.exe TemplateFile -Query_0:param0=5 -Query_1:param1=10 -Query_2:param2=15

where 5, 10, 15 are the query parameter values


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