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DB2 Stinger (now called v.8.2) released.

DB2 Stinger is ready to buzz into enterprises around the globe. After providing several technology previews and a beta program, IBM last week announced general availability of DB2 UDB v.8.2 (as it will now be known). Enhancements in the new release include database management automation, automated statistics profiling (the first deployment from LEO, the learning optimizer research project), autonomic object maintenance,new high availability disaster recovery features, and a new Design Advisor that helps with partitioning,materialized query tables, and other decisions. The new release also provides deep integration with, or plug-ins for Java/Eclipse and Microsoft .NET IDEs such as IBM WebSphere Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

The new DB2 Geodetic Extender stores information about locations as if they were on a globe (rather than a flat map), improving applications for business intelligence and e-government that require geographical location analysis.

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Source: DB2 Magazine