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EnterpriseDB Releases Replication Server

SAN FRANCISCO, LINUXWORLD, Aug. 15, 2006 – EnterpriseDB, the world’s leading enterprise-class, open source database company, announced today the immediate availability of EnterpriseDB Replication Server, which replicates data across the enterprise in near real time to meet a wide array of business challenges. Data can be replicated to or from any supported database, including Oracle, EnterpriseDB, and PostgreSQL, and across heterogeneous databases, distant geographies, complex enterprise data infrastructures, and heterogeneous operating platforms, including Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X. EnterpriseDB Replication Server is the newest component of the EnterpriseDB Advanced Server product suite, which also includes the EnterpriseDB Database Server and a robust set of integrated tools. EnterpriseDB Replication Server is available exclusively to subscribers to the EnterpriseDB Network. Free subscriptions to the EnterpriseDB Network are available at www.enterprisedb.com/products/enterprisedb_network.do.

“The EnterpriseDB Database Server is well-known for its ability to run applications written for Oracle without any change to the application code,“ said Andy Astor, chief executive officer, EnterpriseDB. “The EnterpriseDB Replication Server we announced today is a highly flexible data integration and migration solution that provides Oracle, EnterpriseDB and PostgreSQL users with an entirely new range of cost-effective database solutions to common business challenges.“

As examples, EnterpriseDB Replication Server enables enterprises to:

  • Offload reporting and other applications from Oracle environments at a fraction of Oracle's cost
  • Ensure availability and seamless disaster recovery of critical database services
  • Speed database performance
  • Transfer data across heterogeneous data sources while maintaining transactional integrity
  • Migrate to updated or upgraded versions of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server with no database downtime or risk to data
Key features of EnterpriseDB Replication Server include:
  • Single-master, multi-slave replication, which enables the deployment of multiple warm standby databases, either locally or remotely
  • EnterpriseDB Replication Console, which enables the configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of multiple EnterpriseDB Replication Servers from a single graphical user interface
  • The Database Pooling Connection Framework, which automates intelligent usage of database and network resources
  • The choice of “snapshot“ replication or scheduled incremental replication, providing increased flexibility for various business situations

Source: http://www.enterprisedb.com