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New PostgreSQL point releases now available.

In order to address several issues identified since our last Point Releases, we have just released the following new versions of PostgreSQL: 7.3.11, 7.4.9 and 8.0.4.

A few of the more prominent fixes across all three versions are:

  • Fix error that allowed "VACUUM" to remove ctid chains too soon
  • Fix missing rows in queries like UPDATE a=... WHERE a... with GiST index on column a
  • Improve checking for partially-written WAL pages
  • Various memory leakage fixes

For a complete list of fixes in each release, please see the HISTORY file.

Source downloads are available at the following URLs:




   Linux/Windows Binaries for 8.0.4 are available via:


   These Point Releases do not require a dump/reload from the previous Point, but *may* require one if upgrading from an earlier version.  Please see the Release Notes to confirm procedures for upgrading if your current version is older then 1 Point Release.

Source: www.postgresql.org.