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PostgreSQL 8.0.0 RC2 released.

PostgreSQL 8.0.0 RC2 was released earlier today and should be available at your local mirror and via bittorrent by now. This will possibly be the last RC before final release, but as always stay tuned for more information as the situation develops.

This past week actually saw quite a few changes for this point in the release cycle; The use of SETOF as an input to parseTypeString() is now explicitly disallowed rather than silently ignoring it, which was the previous behavior. A problem with thread safety on AIX was fixed. The GUC variable checkpoint_segments can now be larger than 255. The advancing of ActiveSnapshot within a plpgsql function was tweaked. The pg_resetxlog program was modified to handle 8.0 WAL file names properly. Support for Kerberos 5 1.0.* releases was dropped due to a combination of configure issues and that packages own security issues. Last but not least, support for Latin9 encoding was added to to_ascii().

For a complete list of changes/improvements since Beta 5 was released, please see: ftp://ftp.postgresql.org/pub/source/v8.0.0beta/ChangeLog-RC1-to-RC2

You can download Release Candidate 2 from all mirrors: http://www.postgresql.org/mirrors-ftp.html

Source: www.postgresql.org