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InterBase 7.5 released!

Borland® InterBase® 7.5 raises the bar for performance and power in small footprint databases. Designed for use in situations where there is no database administrator or IT support, InterBase is powerful enough to support mission-critical applications, yet compact enough to run on very modest systems. It can be easily transported by disk, CD, or even dial-up download. And unlike enterprise databases that require expensive ecosystems of support and maintenance, InterBase requires virtually no maintenance.

What's new in InterBase 7.5?

  • Multiple instances of InterBase can run on the same machine simultaneously
  • Global temporary tables implement the functionality of SQL global temporary tables, significantly easing application development
  • Automatic rerouting of databases allows a database administrator to set up a configuration in which some database connections can be rerouted to a different InterBase server instance on the same machine (Server Edition only)
  • Server-side database alias renames a database file within the context of the server, enabling clients to connect to a database regardless of knowledge of its exact location on a given server
  • Embedded database user authentication, a security enhancement in InterBase 7.5, allows for the management of multiple databases for unrelated applications

Desktop Edition
InterBase, Desktop Edition is a powerful, economical deployment solution for the developers of stand-alone applications.

Server Edition
InterBase, Server Edition features multiple instances on a single machine, offering easier deployment and a more sophisticated development environment.

Source: www.borland.com