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DBISAM 3.30 released.

This release will be the final one for the 3.x product lines and was done to fix a problem with the 3.29 manuals and a couple of minor bugs.

The following is a list of items corrected and changed in this release. See details at Elevate Software web-site

  • The WinHelp and PDF Manuals Contain Incorrect Component Code Declarations No
  • Specify SQL INNER JOINs in a SELECT Statement that Refer to One Another Can Cause Incorrect Results Yes
  • LEFT and RIGHT OUTER JOINs Not Processing During-Join Conditions Properly No
  • Specifying SQL JOIN Conditions On Tables Not Involved in the JOIN Directly Causes AV Yes
  • Adding SQL WHERE Join Conditions to Existing JOIN Conditions Can Cause Internal Join Error Yes

Also a number of minor problems solved.

Source: www.elevatesoft.com